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I’m Tessa, I graduated from John Casablanca’s Institute in 2021 and I now work as a certified Makeup Artist here in Vancouver, BC.


My makeup journey started as a kid when I found my way into my moms makeup bag, from then on I was hooked. I spent countless hours watching YouTube tutorials, experimenting with it on myself, and applying to my friends. After high school I spent a few years learning, working, and travelling, until I found my way to JCI. There, I studied under Leo Award winner and IATSE member Tray Lai as well as many other talented artists. The program covered everything from beauty basics to custom prosthetic creation/application and prepped me for anything the makeup world has to offer.


My hope is that all who sit in my chair feel comfortable and welcomed, as if we’re just two friends catching up. Makeup to me has always been about self expression. It has the ability to transform you into whoever you want to be that day. If ever you feel as if you can’t pull off a look, think again. I can assure you that you can pull it off. Sometimes all that’s needed is a few tweaks to ensure the look brings out the best in your features. My goal is for you to leave the chair feeling confident; for you to feel your best. I’m so grateful that I can share my passion with you and it would be my absolute pleasure to be your makeup artist.

I look forward to hearing from you, reach out with any inquiries!

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